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It is now beyond question that as the Feminine becomes more valued and respected in business, nature’s ecosystems will finally begin to regenerate faster than the Masculine is able to destroy them. For that reason, it is my mission to champion, protect and promote the Feminine in every way I can, and to create the circumstances and the space for her to spread and blossom everywhere.

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I know exactly what it's like. Building and launching ethical ventures is seriously challenging. That feeling of being continuously under-resourced. The constant criticism from loved ones questioning our logic, intentions and competence (especially disheartening when we're building something beautiful to change the status quo). Doubt and uncertainty from economic downturns, competitive pressure and market unpredictability. Insufficient access to conscious capital. And that’s just the beginning! All social impact leaders face demoralizing complexity, disheartening rejection and feelings of isolation. We also have the challenge of balancing our profit motives with ethical values and the conscious pursuit of measurable social outcomes. And then there's the personal disappointment we inevitably face when our passion and commitment gives way to burnout and physical health problems caused by financial stress. Being a conscious founder is remarkably challenging, even after we've achieved funding and/or significant market traction. It's a beautiful journey from beginning to end that tests us in all the ways that matter. I promise you, I've seen and felt all of it.

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My name is Valentine 

I'm a heart-led strategist and investment readiness consultant passionate about spirituality, conscious leadership and working in service to the resurgence of the feminine in alignment with SDG #5. I help conscious business leaders of all genders develop market-leading value propositions, structure and operationalize their ventures and convert their visions through strategy into fundamentally powerful brands. I also help heart-led founders prepare to raise capital with investment grade financial models, best-in-class investment materials and scalable warm referrals to carefully tailored portfolios of investors.


Former Clients

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Impact Clients

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Brands I've Developed

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Success Stories

Discover how my services have transformed businesses and lives. Real feedback from real clients.

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Dive into detailed case studies showcasing our strategies and the impactful results they've achieved.

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About Us

"What most conscious founders desire is a single professional with a wide range of skills, a passion for excellence, reasonable rates and the capability to work across numerous parts of your business with confidence and flexibility.

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