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12-week group training programme to develop your dream business from concept to strategy, positioning and go-to-market launch. Full training and support included.

About The Programme

From Ultimate Ikigai to


Your Facilitator

Welcome to the 12-week Evolution Programme, a definitive self-actualisation journey for entrepreneurs and conscious business leaders who desire to pursue their Ultimate Ikigai. This programme is your next step in transforming your newly-discovered ultimate life path into a successful and fulfilling reality. Each week of the programme is dedicated to meticulously guiding you from the initial stages of shaping a powerful value proposition around your Ultimate Ikigai, through strategic business modeling, to producing your materials, and digital ecosystem development.

This holistic programme focuses on strategy and practical business skills as well as your values and spiritual practices to ensure your personal growth and business development remain balanced, stable and in complete alignment. With dedicated training and in-depth review sessions in weeks 6 and 12, you are supported in every step of your journey towards creating a life and business that resonates deeply with your passions and purpose. Embark on this transformative path to turn your Ultimate Ikigai into a tangible, thriving reality.

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Valentine Stockdale

Founder, Impact Angel

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Founder, Movement Foundations

"I've signed up to Impact Angels' 12-week Evolution programme because it is the only conscious business training programme I have found that offers all the elements to create strong foundations for my business to accelerate and grow in alignment to my core values and with feminine and masculine energies in balance. I am especially excited for the module which explores the spiritual practice; perhaps the most critical contributor toward successful entrepreneurship".

In this programme we will cover

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Comprehensive training in business skills and personal growth, blending theory with practical application for holistic development.

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Develop strategic alignment between personal ambitions and market needs with goal-oriented, purposeful business planning.

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Hands-on building of a digital presence and tech stack, transforming theoretical knowledge into a practical business execution.


Week 1

Value Proposition

Convert your Ultimate Ikigai into a world-class service offering through effective customer interviews to extract critical insights about their needs and expectations. Establish clarity and deep confidence.

Week 2

Vision, Values, Why, Mission, MTP

Crystalise your mission, vision, values and MTP and align your deepest motivations with your intended market impact to generate a profound and powerful voice of authenticity. Give your burning passion a voice.

Week 3

Business Model

Construct a profitable and sustainable business model and pricing strategy around your new brand values and the new value proposition of your Ultimate Ikigai. Convert your vision into tangible reality.

Week 4

Pure Strategy

Define and explore every component of your business and discover the rules of business, the business cycle, and best practices on core subjects including team building, analytics, financial modeling and sales.

Week 5

Customer Journey

Produce detailed strategies to grow awareness, generate buzz, wow and convert your prospects with glorious touchpoints that drive memorable interactions and sure up lasting customer relationships.

Week 6

Deep Review (Part 1)

Here we take a pause to breathe, reflect on progress, integrate your insights, align your strategies, ask questions, and set challenging and achievable goals for the next 6-weeks of your evolution.

Week 7

Spiritual Practise

Success and self-actualization require dedicated practices in pursuit of deeper self-worth, self-love, self-discipline, and self-accountability. Holistic living, mind control and somatic practices hold the keys.

Week 8

Branding & Prioritisation

From a place of grounded introspection, it is time to form your brand identity and combine essentialism with a strategic management framework to illuminate your hierarchy of goals and critical performance metrics.

Week 9

Go-To-Market Strategy

The penultimate step before architecting and launching with confidence. Formulate and refine your go-to-market strategy, select marketing channels, plan launch campaigns and initial customer engagement.

Week 10

Software & AI-Assisted Copywriting

Now we build. Select the software tools for your budget and put the world’s leading generative AI to work developing exceptional brand communications, visual content and copy for public distribution.

Week 11

Digital Eco System Development

Develop and connect your online world. Finally it’s time to build a comprehensive website and launch your digital presence on relevant social channels to create a cohesive digital ecosystem that wows your market.

Week 12

Deep Review (Part 2)

Again we take a pause to breathe, ask questions, realign, review the journey, reflect on progress, celebrate your achievements, integrate new insights and strategise your next steps for sustained business growth.

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Co-Founder, Netwrkd

"The Evolution programme resonated with me profoundly because of Valentine's remarkable ability to eliminate self-doubt and overcome obstacles that often hinder my progress. Evolution is more than just a course: it's a journey toward achieving your dreams and aspirations with a sense of security. Valentine listens, understands and has crafted a pathway that not only nurtures your current ambitions but also propels you towards your greatest next opportunity, allowing you to live the fullest life at every step."

Bridge Your Passion to Reality


Nathan Simmonds


Nathan Simmonds Coaching

"What Valentine brings is borderline intimidating. His speed and ability is as beautiful as it is efficient. His craft is honed and sharpened at the edges. I can't say yes enough to what he helps me achieve."
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Peter Giblin


Le Ciel Foundation

"Valentine is an excellent strategist. He asks the right questions and listens to his stakeholders and advisors. His detailed research and investigation of as many angles as possible, combined with a real passion for social impact makes for a trusted partner."

Tom Fortes Mayer



"Valentine has been advising my business for 2 years. He really is extraordinarily valuable and I would recommend him to literally everyone. The depth of his knowledge and the size of his heart are exceptional."
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Tiffany Harnsongkram


House of Balance

"I have been working with Valentine for three years. He's like one of those Swiss army knives, the ones that have loads of essential tools. His legal contracts, financial models and decks are the best I've ever seen. When he talks about 'investment grade' he really means it."

Leyla Salvadé


Standing Light

"Starting a new company or building a new business plan can be overwhelming but Valentine has an almost magical way of supporting you along the way like no one I’ve ever known. It takes a master of energy to do what Valentine does."
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Dr. Sophia Trevenna


Conscious Research Institute

"I was introduced to Valentine by people I love and trust. We began working together recently and it has been such a beautiful experience. I look forward to our meetings so much and I love all our interactions in between."

Cohort #2 Discount

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Sign up to the second cohort by midnight GMT on 1st September 2024 to get a massive

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