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Honestly, you have taken an incredible step toward manifesting your Ultimate Ikigai into reality. To be on this transformative path beside you is such a profound honour. As you embark on this journey to shift into your most aligned life path, please know that you are supported in all the ways that matter.


You have the support of your loved ones and your community, all of whom are continuously routing for you. And you have me, walking beside you, absolutely dedicated to your success as you step ever more courageously into deeper joy, fulfillment, and abundance. 

Below are some things you will greatly benefit from buying in the run-up to the start of our 12-Week Programme. Important note: if you have just discovered your Ultimate Ikigai, it is still worth waiting a few weeks before buying a new domain name; we have a few things to do first!

Happy shopping and see you soon!


Magic Whiteboard

Roll of A1 Static Stick-on-Wall Sheets 

Whiteboard Markers

STAEDTLER Lumocolor Bullet Tips

Screenshot 2024-01-06 at 01.51.29.png

A2 Drawing Pad

80 White Sheets

Coloured Pens

STAEDTLER Retractable Ballpoint Pen



Software Subscription

Impact Angels does not benefit from this.

Google Workspace

Software Subscription

Impact Angels does not benefit from this.


Coffee With Dan

Community of Entrepreneurship Experts

Impact Angels does not benefit from this.

Click Funnels

Software Subscription

Impact Angels receive a reward if you sign up :)

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