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Supporting The Feminine

Welcome to The MIRACLE Scholarship Programme


The Miracle Scholarship provides successful applicants access – totally free of charge – to Impact Angels’ flagship 12-week investment readiness programme ‘Fundamental’ (usual price £6,000). The Fundamental programme helps ethical, heart-led founders navigate the investment landscape with clarity and confidence, through a powerful blend of training and coaching, to become magnets for impact investment. Learn more about the Fundamental investment readiness programme right here.


Inspired by ‘A Course in Miracles’, The Miracle Scholarship is my initiative to help female-focused founders gain access to the highest quality investment readiness tuition in the world, totally FREE! If you are a female-identifying founder or you lead a female-benefiting organisation and are excited to consider raising capital for your venture, I am so delighted you are here. I will be truly honoured to serve you.

The critical role female-focused founders play in creating a more balanced, sustainable, and equitable global ecosystem cannot be overstated. I truly believe that if we can solve SDG#5 first, all the other SDGs will resolve themselves naturally. It is my mission to champion, protect and promote the Feminine in every way I can, and to create the circumstances and space for Her to spread and blossom everywhere.

This scholarship isn't just about making investment readiness accessible to those we need to have the deepest access to it; it's about affirming and reaffirming the sacredness of the Feminine and what She represents for humanity and sentient life everywhere. Let's embark on this journey together, fostering a future where female-focused founders are fully funded to thrive and succeed on their own terms. 

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Miracles are a way of affirming sacredness.

When I reflect on my personal mission, there is nothing more sacred than working in service to the Feminine. Many of you have read my article The Suppression of the Feminine about the wholesale subjugation of women over the last 1,000 years and how this has directly led to the devastation of our planet and global ecosphere. Through The Miracle Scholarship, I aspire to affirm the sacredness of the Feminine and the role She plays in the global regenerative effort. In truth, you never lose your sacredness. None of us do. Miracles simply bring your sacredness back into the light so you can see and remember it.

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Miracles represent freedom from fear.

When I received the spontaneous inspiration to give my newest programme away for free to female-focused founders, my mind quickly descended into fear. “But this is my best programme priced at six thousand pounds! What happens if 100 apply for the scholarship? How much revenue will I lose?!” But I quickly shifted past that fear and re-focused on my mission and the catastrophic consequences we face if female-focused founders remain unable to access funding at scale. It isn't and cannot be acceptable that barriers to capital raising persist needlessly. The capital raising solution I hold is the correct one, and not all female-focused founders can afford it. And so the scholarship crystalised into reality and I settled into the knowingness that Spirit will find a beautiful and ingenious way to compensate me some other way.  

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Miracles are the maximum service one soul can render to another.

In my manifestation work, we learn that each idea we receive that deeply inspires us was born in someone else’s prayers. Prayer and inspiration are literally two sides of the same exact event in the quantum field of consciousness. So when the inspiration for this scholarship arrived in my mind, I knew immediately there were female-focused founders around in the world praying for this: urgent immediate access to world-class investment readiness tuition at a price they can afford. I was simply the one gifted the inspiration to bring it into reality. The programme is certainly one of the greatest gifts I can offer to the world. This programme represents not just decades of experience and self-actualisation, but of spiritual practise, manifestation practise, and so much more.

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Miracles rearrange perspectives and heal at all levels.

As a species, we urgently need female-focused founders everywhere to gain rapid, stress-free access to impact capital to build the intuitive, nurturing ventures that will heal our world, ecosphere, environment and communities. We also need women to learn to accept, forgive and trust the Masculine within our societies and within themselves. The MIRACLE Scholarship aspires to address these issues by working intentionally in reverence to the Feminine, using the very same intuitive and nurturing instincts to grant female-focused founders unfettered access to the guidance they need to magnetize capital to build the ventures of their dreams and deepen their trust and healing in the process.

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Free World-Class Investment Readiness Tuition for Female-Focused Founders

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