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My Services

I provide a wide range of strategy and investment readiness services for heart-led business leaders working in alignment with the SDGs as follows:

  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs

  • Identify Your Purpose

  • Product-Market Fit

  • Build Your Team

  • Slick Customer Journeys

  • Systematic Delivery

  • Sophisticated Literature

  • Sales Excellence

  • Financial Models

  • Warm Investor Referrals

  • Investment Decks

  • Investment Readiness

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Business Plans

  • Venture Health Audits

  • Investor Materials Vetting

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Clearing Limiting Beliefs

I specialise in helping conscious founders identify and clear their self-limiting beliefs to unlock levels of performance and output that most people only read about in books but never attain in real life. Are you experiencing unexplained blockages that are continuously hindering your progress and success? Are you tired of fighting insurmountable battles? Want to solve all those problems in the next few weeks? What will happen if you decide not to? For more information click here.

Identify Your Purpose

Are you at a cross-roads in your career? Are you excited about the future but need assistance identifying the best path and career strategy to bring you that golden combo of wealth, balance and fulfilment? I specialise in helping impactful entrepreneurs find their truest life purpose so you can align with high level success and even increase your life expectancy. 

Product-Market Fit

So many entrepreneurs develop their offerings based on guesswork and personal preference instead of interviewing target clients first and gain critical insights to ensure product-market fit. For a greater chance at success, I help founders develop market-leading offerings in direct response to the market’s most recently established needs, based on research.

Building Your Team

Do you need to scale up your advisory team to secure your next investment? Not sure what terms to offer or how to present them? Investment experts often advise that the three most important things in business are team, team and team. Some VCs also advise that your first 10 hires must be superstars. I specialise in helping founders build investment grade teams. 

Slick Customer Journeys

Need to build meaningful relationships at scale to take your business to the next level? Working in service means your relationships are especially pivotal, not just for you, but for all our benefits. I offer a range of services and flexible support to help you map out and document an optimised journey that seamlessly guides your prospects from first awareness to gladly repeat-purchasing.  

Systematic Delivery

Companies can collapse because founders unconsciously and continuously prioritise non-essential tasks. Meanwhile real confidence is often found through a systematic approach. That’s why, when taking a new offering to market, it’s critical to pause amd analyse the required underlying activities to determine which need to be approached first, in which order, and why. 

Sophisticated Literature

Very soon after you first contact them, most prospects will want to see something in writing. Whether you’re selling them a product, a partnership or a role on your board, it’s imperative to have literature that is accessible, concise, polished and resonant. As a technical copywriter with over 20 years of experience, I’m an expert in developing sophisticated business literature that converts. 

Sales Excellence

It is commonly accepted that customers don’t buy because of what you do, or how you do it; they buy because they resonate with you, your purpose and your beliefs. In order to make you effortlessly persuasive, we must go deep to investigate the real focus underlying your brand so your communications can inspire the greatest action from your audiences.

Go-To-Market Strategy

A GTM strategy is an action plan that specifies how a company will reach target customers and achieve competitive advantage, taking into account such factors as pricing and distribution. Some ventures, for instance, intend to target multiple markets in which case it is critical to determine which markets to target in which order in order to minimise risks and maximise your chance of survival.

Business Planning

Business plans are usually only requested by lenders to acquire loans and lines of credit. Many people therefore wrongly believe that business plans are obsolete. The truth however is business plans are essential tools for ensuring every aspect of your strategy has been thoroughly mapped out and refined and especially to develop total and complete clarity and alignment within your team.

Financial Modelling

For management and capital raising due diligence, this is an investment grade breakdown of your entire financial proposition including fixed and variable start-up and ongoing operating costs, revenue lines, income projections, cash-flow analysis, use of funds and an investor analysis to help investors understand your valuation, the financial mechanics of your venture and the economic arguments for jumping in. View a sample financial model here.

Investment Decks

In financial services since 2005, I’ve vetted thousands of decks and had hundreds of conversations with advisors on what that perfect deck looks like. Today, I build investor or partnership decks, teasers and financial models to investment grade standards. This is the level at which an investment bank will consider representing your venture. When raising capital, it’s imperative your materials meet this standard of excellence. View a sample investment deck here.

Investment Readiness

In addition to decks and models, I produce investment applications and online data rooms for submission to institutional funders. Together we can seamlessly empower investors with all the data they need to evaluate your venture. I also offer audit services to assess a given venture’s level of investment readiness, complete with detailed roadmaps to help founders navigate to completion. 

Investor Materials Vetting

For founders who have already developed some investor materials, I offer a vetting and review service with detailed reports on your existing materials, drawing attention to any weak points, and complete with detailed recommendations on how such elements should be strengthened to more fully appeal to and satisfy the reasonable expectations and due diligence requirements of sophisticated investors. 

Warm Investor Referrals

For investment-ready clients looking to raise capital right now, I offer an investor outreach service that delivers a steady flow of warm referrals to your ideal investors. Warm referrals are usually the deciding factor in fundraising success. For more information click 'Fundraising' from the navigation menu above or click here to jump to that page.

Venture Health Audits

I use a variety of audits to ascertain the suitability of your team including potential co-founders; the current quality of your investment materials and the feasibility, viability and investability of your existing business. Often moving forward based on intuition alone can feel acceptable. For times when you want that extra certainty, I have the solutions you need. 

Flexible Co-Creation

Like all top consultants, my focus is on co-creating with my clients, rather than merely servicing them. Agile prioritisation also produces happier experiences. That’s why I use a customer-centric and flexible approach by charging on an hourly basis instead of fixed prices for pre-agreed deliverables. This unlocks the freedom to weave multiple solutions together as you require, saving you time and money and staying in continuous alignment with your unique needs as they change over time. You might for instance retain me to produce a deck, but after only a few hours, decide you can finish it yourself, saving you thousands in otherwise avoidable costs and freeing me up to work on your newer priorities. Whatever your needs are, let’s flexibly co-create together.

About Us

"What most conscious founders desire is a single professional with a wide range of skills, a passion for excellence, reasonable rates and the capability to work across numerous parts of your business with confidence and flexibility.

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