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This AI-assisted programme combines the ancient Ikigai exercise with your Gene Keys, Human Design and Myers-Briggs data to unlock your truest path to deepest joy, fulfilment and abundance. Start your transformative journey today!

About The Workshop

Identify and step into your


Fed up with not knowing FOR CERTAIN if you're on the right career path or not? Are you tired of the uncertainty of 'trial and error' career choices? How good will it feel to finally have CERTAINTY that you are now in total alignment with your very truest calling? 

In this groundbreaking programme we will fuse the ancient Japanese philosophical framework Ikigai together with Gene Keys and Human Design to discover the career/life path that represents your deepest alignment with your purpose here on earth.


sits are the intersection of your profession, your mission, your passion and your vocation. The result is inevitably a lifetime of joy, fulffillment and abundance.


However, this is no 'normal' ikigai workshop. This is about using AI to determine your 'ULTIMATE IKIGAI' - the life path that integrates MOST of your values, MOST of your passions, MOST of your aspirations and MOST of your talents. 

Your Facilitator


Valentine Stockdale

Founder, Impact Angel


Most people who know about ikigai don’t realise they have MANY ikigais. And what no-one seems to know is that you also have an ULTIMATE IKIGAI. There are many life paths that you would LOVE, be GREAT at, could be PAID for, and are MEANINGFUL. 


Some people say “I have ALREADY identified my ikigai” because they have a paying job they love, are good at, and that the world needs. If that’s true, that’s beautiful. AND… it is statistically very likely they are pursuing one of their MANY ikigais that only brings them LIMITED joy, LIMITED fulfilment and LIMITED abundance.


But we can do a LOT better than that. And we will! In this groundbreaking workshop we will identify ALL your ikigais. AND we will discover the one ikigai that represents your deepest TRUEST CALLING - the ikigai that is most certain to deliver you greatest abundance.

What you are inviting in

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Deeper Joy

Unlock unparalleled joy with your ultimate ikigai, where passions and values create an exhilarating life!

Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 21.59.53.png

Deeper Fulfilment

Experience unmatched fulfillment by aligning your greatest talents and aspirations on this transformative journey.

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Deeper Abundance

Harness the power of your talents and dreams to unlock a life of extraordinary abundance.

Bridge Your Passion to Reality


Nathan Simmonds


Nathan Simmonds Coaching

"What Valentine brings is borderline intimidating. His speed and ability is as beautiful as it is efficient. His craft is honed and sharpened at the edges. I can't say yes enough to what he helps me achieve."
Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 20.36.11.png

Peter Giblin


Le Ciel Foundation

"Valentine is an excellent strategist. He asks the right questions and listens to his stakeholders and advisors. His detailed research and investigation of as many angles as possible, combined with a real passion for social impact makes for a trusted partner."

Tom Fortes Mayer



"Valentine has been advising my business for 2 years. He really is extraordinarily valuable and I would recommend him to literally everyone. The depth of his knowledge and the size of his heart are exceptional."
Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 02.43.08.png

Tiffany Harnsongkram


House of Balance

"I have been working with Valentine for three years. He's like one of those Swiss army knives, the ones that have loads of essential tools. His legal contracts, financial models and decks are the best I've ever seen. When he talks about 'investment grade' he really means it."

Leyla Salvadé


Standing Light

"Starting a new company or building a new business plan can be overwhelming but Valentine has an almost magical way of supporting you along the way like no one I’ve ever known. It takes a master of energy to do what Valentine does."
Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 20.45.25.png

Dr. Sophia Trevenna


Conscious Research Institute

"I was introduced to Valentine by people I love and trust. We began working together recently and it has been such a beautiful experience. I look forward to our meetings so much and I love all our interactions in between."

Get instant access to the workshop recording, your own personal workbook, and the private Ultimate Ikigai group. 

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