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World's Most Powerful Life Path Identification Tool

This AI-assisted programme guides you through the ancient Ikigai exercise then combines your results data with your Gene Keys, Human Design and Myers-Briggs data to recommend your truest path to deepest joy, fulfilment and abundance. This is currently the most sophisticated solution of its kind in the world. Are you fed up with not knowing for certain if you're on the perfect career path or not? Are you tired of the uncertainty of 'trial and error' career choices? Start your transformative journey today!



Belief-Clearing Programme To Totally Unblock You

Are you feeling stuck, blocked from achieving your perfect life circumstances by something you can't identify? Is something intangible continuously stopping you from realising your dreams? Are you ready to break free from the chains of self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Join this transformative workshop "Liberation: Your Journey Beyond Self-Limiting Beliefs", and embark on a life-changing path towards success, happiness, and true fulfillment.



12-Week Conscious Venture Builder Programme 

The Evolution Programme is designed for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to create and launch their ideal venture, closely aligning with their Ultimate Ikigai. It navigates you through developing a compelling value proposition, strategic planning, and digital ecosystem creation, ensuring your business mirrors your personal and spiritual values for balanced growth. This comprehensive journey transforms your vision into a prosperous reality, fostering both personal growth and business success in harmony.



12-Week Investment Readiness Programme

Walk the hidden path to investment success that countless entrepreneurs have followed to turn their startups into magnetic ventures that attract investors like bees to honey. This 12-week investment readiness programme is not just a course—it's a transformational journey designed to launch you and your venture to unprecedented heights. With a meticulously crafted syllabus that covers everything from mastering your financials to crafting the perfect pitch deck, you'll emerge not just prepared, but primed for investment.


Financial Models

Market-Leading Investment Grade Financial Models

If you're looking to raise significant amounts of capital and want to make the best impression, I produce best-in-class financial models to investment grade standards that meet the strictest due diligence requirements of sophisticated investors. My financial models are designed to exceed the highest standards of investment banks and include 9 tabs including summary, assumptions, team, overheads, revenue, projections, cost of goods sold, cash flow and investor analysis. To review a sample investment grade financial model from November 2023, click 'Learn More' then 'Sample Model'.

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Advanced Tech-Driven Investor Outreach Service

My fundraising service revolutionizes the way founders approach investor outreach based on the critical role of warm referrals in securing investment. My team meticulously develops investor personas and leverages advanced technology for targeted outreach. This service delivers a stream of trusted introductions to your ideal investors over a three-month period. The process culminates in a carefully curated list of up to 100 investor leads, primed for productive discussions. This methodical approach vastly improves the odds of fundraising success, making it a pivotal solution for ventures seeking their next round.


Success Stories

Discover how my services have transformed businesses and lives. Real feedback from real clients.

Proven Results

Dive into detailed case studies showcasing our strategies and the impactful results they've achieved.

Refer to Earn

Join my referral program and earn commissions for every new purchase from clients you introduce. Super simple.

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