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Case Studies

Case Study 1

Investment Teaser

for International ESG Consultancy

I worked with a specialist digitisation solutions provider for impact investors and ESG-focused corporates. They were looking to raise capital and had a first draft investment teaser which they were not convinced would meet the expectations of sophisticated investors. They requested I review the teaser and make recommendations on how to improve it. It took me two hours to review the teaser and write a detailed report outlining the discrepancies between their existing version and an investment-grade teaser that an investment bank would consider best-in-class.

Case Study 2

Financial Model

for Mixed Reality Metaverse Venture

I was retained by an mission-led mixed reality metaverse built on Polygon who desired to raise ten million GBP. They had already secured $1.5m seed funding but knew that sophisticated VCs would require an investment grade financial model that also took into account the financial projections of their crypto token. I first conducted separate interviews with the CEO, COO, CMO and CTO to determine the complete financial needs of the venture's core departments taking into consideration their need for rapid scalability. I also liaised with their in-house mathematician to model the projected performance of the token. I was then able to consolidate the two data sets to produce a hybrid model to ascertain their actual capital needs, ensure they didn't part with more equity than was absolutely necessary, and provide the requisite level of confidence to institutional investors.

Case Study 3

Investment Deck

for Decentralised Finance Protocol

I was approached by a leading developer of decentralised multi-agent AI architecture whose token is listed on Coinbase. They were in the advanced stages of spinning off a next generation decentralised finance protocol for the UK shadow banking sector. They needed to raise capital and wanted an investment deck. I worked with the founders and received 12 hours of remote training in the technical parameters of how their protocol and underlying business operated. I was then able to conduct the research required to produce a 14-page investment grade deck that met the strict requirements of sophisticated investors.

Case Study 4

Venture Building

for Impact Focused Events Producer

A well known sustainability company in Davos wanted to host an event on female leadership in their business premises during the World Economic Forum to raise awareness for gender equality. I spent several months building a team of volunteers comprising conscious founders, sustainability investors and captains of industry from numerous impact sector verticals. Together we built and launched a non-profit events company and produced highly acclaimed events 2 years in a row during the World Economic Forum in Davos. Our 2023 event achieved 1,000+ registrants (see our delegate list here) and our community has grown to 140+ impact industry leaders. Our next event is coming up at COP28 in Dubai.

Case Study 5

Financial Model

for Transformational Events Company

I worked with a leading media company that produces transformational events for the spiritual community. They were looking to expand rapidly and needed an investment grade financial model to figure out their capital requirements and to submit to potential investors. I worked with the founders to understand the totality of their vision and then produced a detailed questionnaire into which they were able to deposit all the data I required around their fixed and variable ongoing costs, their revenue streams and all the variables that would contribute to projecting their income over time. I was then able to synthesize that data to produce a complete 3-year financial model for submission to venture capital funds and other sophisticated investors. View the deliverable here.

Case Study 6

Go-To-Market Strategy

for Leading Therapist

I was approached by a therapist in Switzerland who was on the leadership team of the world’s most exclusive clinical practise and wanted to expand her personal client base into the corporate sector. We agreed that she needed a new value proposition and go-to-market strategy and to update her personal website. I held a series of workshops with her during which we established that tech companies in Zurich represented her ideal market for her immediate expansion. We then used a best-in-class framework to evaluate the complete needs of that target demographic from which we developed a comprehensive value proposition perfectly curated to appeal to her new market. I then converted the data we had generated into a complete set of literary materials for her website and sales and marketing materials.
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