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Earn by Referring

Impact Angels pays a flat 10% commission on all paid services purchased by clients that you introduce to us. That means, if you introduce a client that pays us £30,000 over 6 months, that is £3,000 you will earn for that introduction. And we will pay that directly into a bank account of your choosing, anywhere in the world. Remember: introducing clients is a great way to reduce the costs of hiring Impact Angels for your own business, and a great way to earn regular money if your network of conscious founders is extensive.


Identify suitable candidates

Most impactful professionals know numerous conscious founders who need assistance building their perfect impact venture. Who do you know within your circle of trust? Do you know a conscious founder who is looking to raise capital? Chances are, they do not yet have an investment grade financial model. Introducing them could be a quick win for everyone.


Check with your prospect

It's always best to check with that person first before you connect them with us. Acquiring consent is always important and this step ensures they do actually have a need for our services.


Introduce us via WhatsApp

The best way to introduce us is by forming a New Group on WhatsApp and putting us both in the group together. You can then write a short introduction and monitor the communications to check on progress. To first connect with Impact Angels on WhatsApp please click here:

Success Stories

Discover how my services have transformed businesses and lives. Real feedback from real clients.

Proven Results

Dive into detailed case studies showcasing our strategies and the impactful results they've achieved.

Refer to Earn

Join my referral program and earn commissions for every new purchase from clients you introduce. Super simple.

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